Apps & Plugins for Sending Files

For A Wide Range Of File Transfer Use Cases

Filemail Desktop

Send large files and folders directly from your desktop
Filemail Desktop is a small application you can install locally on your computer. It's similar to the website uploader, but offers additional features like:
  • Rock solid transfer protocol. Unstable internet connection? No problem!
  • Blazing fast transfer speeds using TCP/UDP Transfer acceleration protocols
  • Can be used for both uploading and downloading files
  • Script/Automation support (command line/xml)

Filemail Outlook Addin

Our addin lets you send large files directly from Outlook, fast and securely
Filemail Outlook Add-in enables you to send large files directly from Outlook 2013/2016/2019 using Filemail. Attach files just like you are used to in Outlook and hit Send. The attachments are removed from the email and uploaded to our servers instead - keeping your email small and deliverable.

Note: You need to have .NET Framework 4 installed!

Filemail iPhone/iPad App

Email large files and videos directly from your iPhone or iPad
The Filemail iPhone/iPad App allows you to quickly send large videos and a ton of photos to any email address. It's so easy to use your grandmothers mother could do it.

Note: Free to use - no account/registration required!

Filemail Android App

Email large files and videos directly from your Android device
Use our [Android file transfer app]( to send files for free. No registration is required to send files of up to 5 GB. If you need to send bigger files, just get out a subscription, and enjoy many more benefits such as 1 Tb storage, password protection, and longer storage duration.

Filemail API

Developers can use our API to transfer large files
Are you a developer? Integrate Filemail into your application and use our cloud infrastructure to send large files and emails!

It is also super easy to automate transfers by using .bat/.sh files.

Read more about our API and what you can do here: