Filemail Pro

A 1-User Account Packed With Features

feature-set	filemail pro - packed with features

Filemail Pro is our file-sharing package for individuals and professionals who need to securely send and receive large files of up to 250 GB in size. The package comes equipped with many features such as your own custom subdomain, branding capabilities, and 1TB of storage space.

Unlimited Features Included In Our Pro Plan

unlimited bandwidth, recipients and downloads

Unlimited Recipients

We have no limits on the number of recipients you share files with.

Unlimited Downloads

Files you share or are shared with you can be downloaded any number of times.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We don't covertly restrict downloads via a bandwidth limit.

Present A Professional Front

Configurable & Easy To Use

  • your own custom subdomain

    Custom Subdomain

    Choose the name of your custom subdomain, so it can be the same as your brand name. You'll use your subdomain to send and receive files.

  • brandable account

    Brandable Account

    Upload your logo, change your background image, and change the colors to suit. Your Filemail account is for you to customize and brand as you see fit.

  • file sharing as easy as sending an email

    As Easy As Sending An Email

    Your clients don't want to use an uninviting FTP solution, nor mess around with passwords and configurations. Make it easy for them to work with you.

File Sharing Capabilities

Storing, Sending & Receiving Files

transfer large files between people and organizations

1 TB Storage Space

With a generous 1 TB of secure cloud-storage space, you can share countless images, videos, and documents; whatever you want, as long as it doesn't contravene our TOS.

Send Files Up To 250 GB

Send files up to 250 GB in size in a speedy manner. With integrity-checking processes, your recipients will get the files you want them to have.

Receive Files Up To 250 GB

Receive files from anyone who uses your email address. They don't need to have an account to utilize the features you have in your Pro plan.

Management & Delivery Tracking

Stay Up To Date With The Status Of Your Shared Files

managed the files you share

Manage Shared Files

All files you send or receive are available for you to delete or forward by going into your Inbox or Sent folder. You'll also get useful thumbnail previews and other file-specific information.

track the status of shared files

Delivery Tracking

Stay in the know as to the status of shared files. Filemail sends you emails notifying you of successful uploads, downloads, and when a file you shared is about to expire.

Efficient File-Sharing

Share Quicker So You Can Work On Your Business

  • send files quicker

    Fast Transfer Rates

    Your files are uploaded to the nearest Filemail server. Thanks to globally distributed servers this means you get fast speeds.

  • store your contacts in an address book

    Address Book

    Upload your logo, change your background image, and change the colors to suit. Your Filemail account is for you to customize and brand as you see fit.

  • define how long shared files are available

    File Availability

    Choose how long your files are available for, up to a maximum of 30 days. For a longer duration check out our business plan.

Secure File Transfer

Looking After Your Files Properly

  • anti-virus protection

    Anti-Virus Protection

    We scan all files that go through our servers, be it upload and download, so your files, and your device is protected.

  • encryption to protect your files

    End-To-End Encryption

    We use the SSL/TLS protocol via HTTPS to provide end-to-end encryption thereby preserving the confidentiality and integrity of your files.

  • password protect shared files

    Password Protection

    For added protection you can assign a password to your files, so only someone who knows the password can access shared files.

Browser, Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, MS Outlook, API

Our Filemail Pro Plan Includes Apps For All Major Platforms

apps for all major platforms

What Our Users Think

Mobile App Ratings

iOS App Store

15.4k Rating: 4.6 iOS score

Google App Store

10.59k Rating: 4.7 google score

Client Testimonials

Artistic Media

Filemail is the best all around file sending and receiving service we have used by far! We have tried numerous others and they all missed the mark in one way or the other, where Filemail has truly "delivered". The overall versatility, transfer speeds, file capacities, other features, up-time and security have been stellar--thank you Filemail!

Deborah Alvino, CLVS (Coastal Legal Video)

Filemail is the easiest and fastest way to send large files. Some of my clients have been so impressed with Filemail when they have received my videos that they have started using it for their own businesses

Kyle Laughlin, "I Do" Wedding Videos

I have been using Filemail for years and it has been my trusted partner in delivering files to my customers worldwide. The enhancements and improvements that have been developed over the years makes Filemail a world class file transfer service.

Some Of Our Clients

  • Austrian Film Commission
  • British Film Institute
  • Bullhouse Media
  • Clear Channel
  • Collage Of Legal Practice
  • Discovery Channel 2019
  • Spare Bank